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Old 05-17-2018, 03:13 AM
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Default state-operated collects

omposition, state-operated collects material of Yo field, forestry centre, lumber to purchase, production is accelerated, the sale improves. 1-9 month already produced timber 1027911 stere still hold total output 38.55% , lumber sells 1159449 stere to take complete province total sales volume 41.51% . composite tiles be laid on the ground (4) from production the tree is planted look, fir increases, deal decreases. Accrete of 1-9 month fir p

roduces 1454416 stere to hold diy wood plastic high quality floor complete province total output 54.55% , deal produces 818817 stere to occupy only 30.71% . (5) look from flow direction, although lumber sale still is built with the room, industrial production, decorate adornment, furniture to be given priority to with material, but supply special type composite outdoor chairs made in ohio amish country to use material less and less, factory of bucking of the large family that use material takes total s

ales volume only 4.5% , very few of pitprop, crosstie. And 1 million still exceed outside selling past province, take total sales volume 39.4% , than last year the exterior wall cladding ideas corresponding period is better. (6) look from inventory, more reasonable, and drop somewhat. Dan Shucai is p
lanted very much ideal, deal is occupied only 35.09% , miscellaneous wood 5.31% , and fir exceeds an in part however. (7) look from imports
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