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Old 05-16-2018, 11:24 AM
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Default NHL Jerseys From China

"I love meeting people and love our fan base," he said. "Truly the greatest in all sports."
You can't miss Young at a game. He's the guy with shoulder pads under his jersey, official uniform pants and a bandanna.
That may surprise people because Philadelphia has a reputation for being nasty. We still hear about the fans throwing snowballs at Santa 47 years ago.
The 47-year-old Young has been doing this for every game since the 1995 season opener at old Veterans Stadium,Cheap Jerseys From China. He even wears his full gear to road games,China Soccer Jerseys. And everyone knows him wherever he goes.
"It's a very weak thing for the national media to keep bringing it up making it sound like it happened yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys China," Young said. "You see fans in San Francisco get beaten nearly to death and terrible things happen in other cities, yet we are the worst fans in the world. I get the reputation is never going to go away and part of me likes it because I'd rather have other fans afraid to come here ? and have my stadium full of Eagles fans."
Young works for a Public Works Department in suburban Philadelphia, isn't married and doesn't have children. He's been dating his current girlfriend for more than a year and tries hard to not let his love for the Eagles affect his relationship. After his trip to Detroit for Philadelphia's game on Thanksgiving, he will have visited 18 opposing stadiums.
Being Superfan has its regrettable moments. For Young,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, it was the day he led a group of Eagles fans in booing Donovan McNabb at the 1999 NFL draft. They wanted Ricky Williams instead. Video of that moment was replayed endlessly throughout McNabb's excellent career in Philadelphia,Discount NFL Jerseys, and Young is at the forefront in full game-day gear shouting after the pick was announced.
After he parks inside, he visits some tailgaters in various spots and goes inside the stadium, stopping for perhaps about 100 photos on his way. He mingles on the sideline whenever he has field passes, poses for more pictures and gets psyched for the game.
People constantly stop Young to ask for a picture or autograph. Players run over to greet him before games whenever he's on the sideline.
Hearing Young do interviews or commercials is like watching professional wrestling. He's similar to Road Warrior Animal, the father of Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis.
"We would go at it constantly," Young said. "When he came back the last time, he made a point come to over to me and said: 'You were one of my favorite opposing fans. I appreciate a passionate fan and I respect you a lot.' That was very cool."
"A few months after the draft, I apologized to Donovan and then his family and the organization," Young said. "I told him I didn't feel that way toward him, the team was terrible and we wanted the Heisman Trophy winner."
Young arrives for 1 p.m. games between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning, a few hours before the parking lots even open. He listens to the radio in his car and walks around the stadium to burn some energy.
"When I began this character, I'm sure many people thought I was either drunk or on something that altered my personality," he said. "I've never even had a sip of any alcohol, sampled cigarettes or ever tried drugs of any kind. I'm just being who I am. To be called upon by people to help with benefits,China NFL Jerseys, charities, parties or business events, it means a lot. It blows me away to think people want photos and autographs from me."
PHILADELPHIA (AP) ? Shaun Young is the face of Eagles fans, a silver-and-green painted visage who epitomizes the die-hards in a city starved for a football championship.

Young sits in section 128 in the left corner of the end zone. He gives opposing players an earful, revs up the crowd with "E-A-G-L-E-S" chants and screams like a wild man throughout the game. But he said he keeps it clean.
"Foul language and cursing is just not my style," he said. "I'll give you a hard time verbally, but I'm not going to get nasty or put my hand on you and beat you down."
"It was a goofy thing to do and it kept building," Young said. "I turn into a different person and I lose myself in the character sometimes."
If an opponent gets close enough, Young lets him hear it. His favorite target was former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.
Young started a program called "Drugs Are Nasty." He goes to schools and speaks to students from kindergarten through fifth grade about the dangers of drugs and how to avoid people selling them.
But don't misunderstand Young's passion for boorish behavior. Underneath the gruff exterior, Young is a guy who goes out of his way to appear at charity events across the city. He'll do whatever he can to help a great cause.
After being inducted into the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association's Hall of Fame in 2009, Young attends Hall of Fame weekend each year in Canton, Ohio. The PFUFA members donate school supplies, team memorabilia and other items to a boys and girls recreation center in Canton.
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